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  • First time around here? Let work together to create personalized treat...

    50 Canadian dollars
  • For moderate to severe acne, aggressive cysts, and blackheads

    110 Canadian dollars
  • A treatment using Spirulina essense to soothe and repair damaged skin

    120 Canadian dollars
  • This treatment provides soothing effects, hydrates, and softens skin.

    145 Canadian dollars
  • Treatment deliver immediate brightening effects and lighten pigments

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Anti-pollution power therapy for dull and aging skin.

    120 Canadian dollars
  • This luxurious treatment provides anti-aging effects by PURE 24KGOLd

    180 Canadian dollars
  • A skin renewal chemical peel that diminishes fine lines and dark spots

    220 Canadian dollars
  • Instant chemical action on skin smoothness and bright complexion

    135 Canadian dollars
  • Multi-vitamins to renew the epidermis, plump and tighten the skin.

    135 Canadian dollars
  • Generate new collagen and skin tissue to improve scar and pigmentation

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Super Oxygenating Detoxifying Treatment

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Anti aging control system that restructure the beauty triangle

    200 Canadian dollars
  • Technology for fat reduction reduces fat and cellulite

  • Triple body peeling skin lightening scar correction

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Ditch the razor and say yes to laser! Hair-free face and body hair rem...

    Starting at $150
  • 110 Canadian dollars
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